My Favorite DJ

I first heard Fella a.k.a. Clayton Steele a few years ago on satellite radio and have been listening to him ever since. He is the most consistent DJ, with a vison of house music not quite like any other.
Unlike other DJs whose primary focus is “danceability”, Fella’s sets engage your mind – you listen to them. This is not to say they are not danceable – they are. But unlike other DJs, his mixes are entertaining – excellent listening for a long car trip. One of the ways he does this is by finding obscure songs. He doesn’t use too many – every fourth or fifth song, just enough to keep his sets engaging yet very underground. And these are real songs with lyrics – but never anything too obvious or commercial. Most of the time they sound extremely meaningful – something that is in very short supply in house music. Most house tracks these days sound positively dumb verging on brain damaged. Its almost embarrassing to say you like house music in the light of what most DJ s play. Fella’s sets sound smart. And dark. And hip.
So why he is languishing in obscurity? Because in today’s market, new DJs can only break through by having a hit , rather than being a great DJ with musical skills; capable of creating a mood.
Download his sets for FREE! Just go to www.Soundcloud/Clayton-Steele.
Everyone of my friends who’ve taken the time to listen to him say he’s great. Go listen and spread the word.

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