Mr. President, I’m Disappointed


During the campaign before the last presidential election, when I heard people accuse Obama of being “a secret Muslim”, I told them, “please, you only make yourself appear ignorant saying that. The real thing to be afraid of is, “is he just another old white politico?”

Sadly from where I sit, it appears he’s just more of the same. I still would like to believe if he had the power to change things, maybe he would. Maybe the President doen’t have the power to make those sweeping changes that are needed to fix things in this country.

I thought that maybe I would see some meaningful healthcare reform that would help me – but I haven’t. Nor has he done anything meaningful for the economy. “Make work” programs that rebuild the infrastructure of this country – fixing highways and bridges – that will never bring real prosperity back. What happened to alternative energy? We’re still in Iraq and Afganistan, and getting involved in a war in Libya…Guantanamo Bay is still open, the Bush tax cuts for the rich were extended despite never having produced the intended “trickle down”….

And the people that caused the Recession – they got bailed out. Me; I have to sell my house because I don’t make the same money as I used to. I’m not behind on my mortgage, so I don’t qualify for the lower interest rates one hears about.

Oh, I’ll vote for Obama in the next election simply because I know there not a snowball’s chance in hell the Republicans will do anything other than pick up where George Bush left off.  It seems to me this two party system with its career politicians is analogous to asking how much does two plus two equal? The Republicans say five and the Democrats say three and we the people keep going back and forth between those two wrong answers without having a choice that will work.


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