Gui Boratto “The Mix Collection Renaissance”

I owe Gui Boratto an apology. I have been listening to his “Renaissance –The Mix Collection” album constantly since it’s release in 2008; I should have written about it sooner. If I could take only one album to a desert island – this would be it. For an artist that strongly protests that he is not a DJ, he has made my favorite mix album of all time – (and I’ve been listening to electronic music since 1978).
From the phenomenally danceable opening track on the first cd: “Hypnotized” by Oliver Koletzki to the closing sequence on cd 2 , comprised of two tracks: Max Cooper’s “Stochastisch Serie” which flows beautifully into Tricky’s “Past Mistake” (particularly brilliant for the beat changing up to half time) ; there is not a single false step. Gui Boratto has selected tracks that go so smoothly together, the listener could not be blamed for thinking they were all created by one artist. And of course all his original tracks are excellent, especially “Telecaster.” This is music to listen to – intelligent house music that involves thought. It is a very unique vision of house music and a rare and precious moment for the genre.
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Renaissance: The Mix Collection

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