Jerry Aks: Coming from An Akai MPC – which would be best for me?

Jerry asks:  For someone who is fast on MPC
And would like to learn a comp creating
Environment but also would like to track
Audio u recommend ableton the most?
I would be starting from scratch
So I’m open to any of them .

Darkjet Answers:
I would think coming from an mpc environment ( I have owned 3 of those at my studio in NY – rap as we know it wouldn’t exist without it) Ableton is your best bet especially with the Ableton Push controller. We recorded many albums at I.N.S. Recording where the only instruments present were a crate of records and the MPC. Ableton embodies that non-traditional approach to music. While Cubase includes an MPC style virtual drum machine/sampler, I would still go with Ableton.

I must confess, for me coming from linear daws such as Logic and Cubase, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around Live. But there is a steep learning curve with any of these. You have to be patient. Give it a good 6 months. You won’t regret it. If you have any questions regarding hardware as well feel free to ask – I have owned a boatload. In fact in most cases I can save you money. The best item is not always the most expensive.

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