Illegal Drugs

Darkjet Explains Molly

Originally “molly” referred to one of the over two hundred variations of MDMA created by Alexander Shulgin, the research scientist, who popularized the drug we now know as “ecstasy.”  The term came about as Shulgin would tinker with the chemical structure of ecstasy, often just changing one molecule – hence “molly.” In 1996, Shulgin ,  patented bk-MDMA  also known as “methylone.”

Methylone/bk-MDMA very closely resembles MDMA – it has the same molecules but in a different position to each other. This makes all the difference. Shulgin, himself, described bk-MDMA as “interesting but lacking the magic of MDMA.”

It also is much cheaper than MDMA, making it very attractive to drug dealers.

So when someone tells you that the stuff in the capsule is “pure molly” it very likely is – but it is not ecstasy. Furthermore unlike ecstasy which is virtually impossible to overdose on  – bk-MDMA  is very easy to. Initial doses should not exceed 300 mg. and as the effects are comparatively short lived; one is tempted to redose. Experienced users (some who even claim they feel an ecstasy like “roll”) say you can safely redose once; more than that severely raises your body temperature, which can lead to, as the pharmaceutical companies say, “fatal events.”

At the tragic event in New York, the woman, Olivia Rotondo, before she died, admitted to taking six capsules.

A person expecting to “roll” as they would on good pills, very well might  be tempted to take more in the hopes of achieving that.

To a certain degree this situation is like teaching safe sex. Most people can see how foolish it is to preach sexual abstinence. People need to know how to drug safely – or as safely as it can be considering the circumstances regarding illegal, uncontrolled, unregulated substances.,  – a harm reduction site, sells test kits which will give you a fairly good idea about what is in those capsules or pills. Putting an unknown substance in your mouth is dangerous.

Finally, Prohibition (1920 – 1933) did not prevent people from drinking. It is thought that more than ten thousand people died from drinking wood alcohol and “bathtub gin.” Others literally went blind from imbibing.  The Prohibition of alcohol  made it much more dangerous and enriched organized crime. The same can be said of our current prohibition of drugs.