album review

World Gone Deaf Reviewed by Darkjet

I am very obviously not a DJ. My concept for this album was that I would write the basic songs and then a Dj would flesh it out and create a 1 to 2 hour mix of all original material. Further more the project with the Dj would become a hybrid live/Dj act that was about something (having meaningful) lyrics and that was an excitingly visual  live act.  I still believe such an act would be tremendously successful.

In short, I felt I was going to be the man to save house music (what hubris)  – which incidentally is its own worst enemy. By comparison, some of the lyrics in house make hip hop and country western seem positively brilliant. Too much of house comes across as a hackneed soundtrack to the audience getting wasted. I wanted to create music that people would want to buy so as to listen to and believe in. If you think about it; all the big rock group’s have fans that believe in them. To those fans its not just a sound but a lifestyle. I think house music can do that but it needs to grow.

Anyhjow…I did these rough tracks and sent them around to various DJs – never got one response.

So I released as is. Looking back on it now I find the rigid four on the floor kick drum oppressive and the unvareing tempo tedious. What could have been my best album is not. And I can only listen in small doses.

My next album will be nothing like this.