What you don’t want to know.

Putting the spin on Snowden

At the moment the news media which reports  little fact but much conjecture is helping our government  spin the story that Snowden is a dangerous traitor, spy, and terrorist. But is he really? What information did he leak to our enemies? That the U.S. government spies on it’s very own citizens emails, texts, and cell phone calls? Do you really believe that the government should have such wide reaching power to protect us from terrorists?

While it is true that the courts have ruled that the government has the right to do this without special warrants, most of us would agree this intrusive surveillance violates the spirit of the the Constituion.

In fact, I don’t really think the government wants Snowden back –  the prosecution of this man would become a cause that many would rally around; bringing further unwelcome attention to the N.S.A.’s  furtive un-american activities.  But just in case they do get him back – they want you to believe him to be a villain rather than a whistleblower; maybe even a true patriot trying to do the right thing.