AKG K701, K702 Bass Mod

Loved the detail in the mid to high range on my AKG K702 s but the low end just wasn’t quite there. I did a search and found there is a simple modification that can be made that brings a ton more bass to these cans. I would not recommend doing this if what you’re listening to is classical music, but if you’re engaged in any modern music where you need to hear and feel the low end, I highly recommend this mod. You can find videos on youtube showing you how. This mod is the same for the K701, Q701, and K702. I believe it can also be done on the K712 which my research says is just an updated K702.
I’m writing this to reassure you that it is not difficult and that it is well worth doing.
First you must remove the outer screen. This is the toughest part. It only needs to be turned slightly counter clock wise but is very difficult to do. Push pins work best – so I am told. I had to make do with a couple of tiny screwdrivers. I pushed so hard – which was necessary, that when one of the screwdrivers slipped off the screen, it punctured my finger. Ouch! I thought for sure that the screen would tear or break, but it is surpassingly tough – at least it was on my “Made In Austria” ones. The most important thing is to be careful removing the side where the headphone cable attaches – don’t move it to far or you’ll break the wires. In the video I watched the person doing the mod was able to remove the membrane covering the bass port cleanly. I wasn’t. It seems like rubber cement or silicone was holding it on. I used my screwdriver blade under about half of it then used tweezers to pull it off. The way I did it rendered the membrane useless should I change my mind – but I won’t. These headphones now deliver the bass I need to hear.
I highly recommend this mod.

How To Draw Ray Johnson (Or Marina Abramovic)

The excellent 2002 documentary “How To Draw A Bunny” is about the life and art of Ray Johnson. I was touched that the man who has been called “the most famous artist you’ve never heard of” had ended his life as a suicide. Every major museum that collects ‘pop” art has a piece of his as a part of their permanent collection. So many of Johnson’s New York friends were quite famous: Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage…the list goes on and on.
He was also one of the founders of “mail art.” Postcard pieces were sent out to friends upon which Ray wrote, “please add to and return.”
The 1960’s  were famous for performance art pieces referred to as “happenings” ; Ray held “nothings” to which many attended only to find that indeed “nothing” happened.
When I started writing the lyrics to the song I wrongly assumed that Johnson killed himself due to lack of recognition and more importantly lack of funds.  A google search: “Ray Johnson money”   somehow lead to  performance artist Marina Abramovic.  Her problem;  how does one monetize performance art…?
When Ray Johnson dropped off the side of a small bridge in Sag Harbor, Long Island in January of 1995, he was observed calmly backstroking out to sea. The two teenage girls who witnessed this tried to report it, but in as when they told adults that the swimmer did not seem in any distress – they were ignored. The artist’s body washed up the next day.
At the time of his death Ray Johnson had about six hundred thousand dollars in the bank – so it wasn’t money that lead to his decision.
We will never know…quite haunting.

You can download the song “How To Draw Ray Johnson at  https://soundcloud.com/darkjet/how-to-draw-ray-johnson