Die, Flannel Shirts, Die!

                               Why Artists Wearing Flannel Shirts or Boring T-shirts Is Wrong
Whenever I see a band get up on stage wearing such tired boring clothes it makes me angry. When asked why they wear such attire the answer is pretty much the same; “People won’t take you seiously, if you dress up.” My D.J. t-shirt wearing friends say the same, “nobody will take you serious if you wear anything else.”
Consider this; a creative artistic person should be creative in every aspic of his life. The walls of his house and the clothes he puts on his body should reflect this creativity. Kurt Cobain (pictured below) of whom it can be said,  started the so-called grunge look, also had been known to wear silver lame’ and dresses, often dying his hair blonde, red, or green.
Artists should not be fearful of what others think. Do not be constrained by what your audience or peers think – think for yourself. Don’t follow the crowd, don’t be one of the sheep. Be free in your manner of dress. If you truly are a creative person let that spark, that fire, glow in every aspect of your life.
Throw some paint on that flannel shirt; write a bold message on your t-shirt. As my son, Sammy Thrashlife’s business cards proclaim, “I am a fucking artist! ”p28cobain/sent to graphics

Don’t Let Big Business Take Over the Internet

Comcast, Verizon and other internet providers want to create a discriminatory two tier system in place of the current equal access for all , we now enjoy. They want to end “net neutrality. ”
Whether you run a huge website or a small blog, you should have equal access to Internet users without paying a ransom to providers such as Comcast.
Furthermore, allowing internet providers to charge certain content providers such as Netflix and Youtube more for “fast access” vs. “slow access” would result in higher internet cable bills for all of us, in as those costs would be passed along to the consumer.
For the FCC to allow this would be absolute proof of how corrupt our government has become.
Please make your voice heard. Contact the FCC, your congressman, and your senator. The Internet IS A PUBLIC UTILITY and should be treated as such.