How To Draw Ray Johnson (Or Marina Abramovic)

The excellent 2002 documentary “How To Draw A Bunny” is about the life and art of Ray Johnson. I was touched that the man who has been called “the most famous artist you’ve never heard of” had ended his life as a suicide. Every major museum that collects ‘pop” art has a piece of his as a part of their permanent collection. So many of Johnson’s New York friends were quite famous: Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage…the list goes on and on.
He was also one of the founders of “mail art.” Postcard pieces were sent out to friends upon which Ray wrote, “please add to and return.”
The 1960’s  were famous for performance art pieces referred to as “happenings” ; Ray held “nothings” to which many attended only to find that indeed “nothing” happened.
When I started writing the lyrics to the song I wrongly assumed that Johnson killed himself due to lack of recognition and more importantly lack of funds.  A google search: “Ray Johnson money”   somehow lead to  performance artist Marina Abramovic.  Her problem;  how does one monetize performance art…?
When Ray Johnson dropped off the side of a small bridge in Sag Harbor, Long Island in January of 1995, he was observed calmly backstroking out to sea. The two teenage girls who witnessed this tried to report it, but in as when they told adults that the swimmer did not seem in any distress – they were ignored. The artist’s body washed up the next day.
At the time of his death Ray Johnson had about six hundred thousand dollars in the bank – so it wasn’t money that lead to his decision.
We will never know…quite haunting.

You can download the song “How To Draw Ray Johnson at  https://soundcloud.com/darkjet/how-to-draw-ray-johnson


Die, Flannel Shirts, Die!

                               Why Artists Wearing Flannel Shirts or Boring T-shirts Is Wrong
Whenever I see a band get up on stage wearing such tired boring clothes it makes me angry. When asked why they wear such attire the answer is pretty much the same; “People won’t take you seiously, if you dress up.” My D.J. t-shirt wearing friends say the same, “nobody will take you serious if you wear anything else.”
Consider this; a creative artistic person should be creative in every aspic of his life. The walls of his house and the clothes he puts on his body should reflect this creativity. Kurt Cobain (pictured below) of whom it can be said,  started the so-called grunge look, also had been known to wear silver lame’ and dresses, often dying his hair blonde, red, or green.
Artists should not be fearful of what others think. Do not be constrained by what your audience or peers think – think for yourself. Don’t follow the crowd, don’t be one of the sheep. Be free in your manner of dress. If you truly are a creative person let that spark, that fire, glow in every aspect of your life.
Throw some paint on that flannel shirt; write a bold message on your t-shirt. As my son, Sammy Thrashlife’s business cards proclaim, “I am a fucking artist! ”p28cobain/sent to graphics