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Will the real Ian North please stand up…..

I just googled “ian north art” and found an Ian North born in 1943 who is a painter. I am not him. Nor am I the Canadian folk singer Ian North, though my face is on his tracks on Spotify – which probably aggravates him as much as it does me.  As for the Facebook Ian North, thats just some kid – me, I’m on Facebook as Ian A. Darkjet.  I do however seem to be the most famous of the Ians on the internet. I’m not even that social media savvy but it appears the others are less so. Oddly if you check Wikipedia from a mobile app you get my wiki page but the folk singers picture…! I don’t know who posts these things. Not me . There’s definitely too many Ian Norths.

Here’s a recent pic of me with an updated Flock of Seagulls haircut and color.20150930_125521


The Future Of D.A.W.S. : Use All of Them (well maybe not all…)

After much time spent learning multiple daws, I have found there is no one single ideal  daw. Obviously, you can create an an entire track in any one daw, but so many daws have attractive features that the others do not. I think it would be wise for the manufacturers to allow their programs to “play nicely” with each other. How awesome would it be if you could simply drag audio and midi files between each program. We the users have shown our willingness to spend and spend; I see so many users using both Ableton’s Push Controller together with Native Instruments Maschine. I myself own Logic, Cubase, and Live 9, as well as various drum plugins: Geist, Tremor, Spark, Microtonic, StylusRMX, & Nicky Romero Kick etc.
For example. I find Cubase a very refined production tool for polished tracks – but Ableton has so many cool creative features that it is impossible to resist. Yes, I know the two can be rewired but how much better would it be if both programs could easily share data – if you could save your Cubase/Live project into one folder simply and be re-opened from a single project file!
If Image Line ever gets it together and releases FL Studio for mac and it can be opened as a vst inside Cubase or Ableton: who wouldn’t buy it?
Manufacturers, instead of trying to convince the public that your daw is the best , how about convincing the public that it is unique and that it is needed along side whatever else is being used – that we should buy them all…?
Finally – do we need them all? No, but we can’t help ourselves; every time we see a cool feature, we want it. The only reason some of us don’t buy is because we don’t want to give up the program we know and love. If we didn’t have to choose between one program and another we would have them all.

Hey you programmers,  here’s a good idea;  a program that looks at the host program and the rewired program and collects and saves all the data as one file – you can call it “Overlord”….

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