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I started creating art at age 14. For me it was a creative endeavor that cared not at all whether it was accepted or sold. Since the selling of my music was how I earned my living for so many years, making art gave me an additional creative outlet  that felt much more “pure” – unsullied by any thoughts of an audience, nor filthy lucre.
Times have changed. There is little to no money in the selling of my music; others collect royalties in my name without sharing a penny with me.
So I find myself in the position of wanting to sell some of my art pieces.
They can be best viewed in video format – photos do not do them justice, making them appear flat, which they are not. Even the pieces that hang on walls are more akin to sculpture than a flat painting or collage.
See for yourself at:

Cubase 9 Review: Updated February 26,2017

There’s not much here that is truly EXITING! Nothing to attract a new user.
I like the new Sampler (as good as Ableton’s Simpler)  and the new  EQ (the keyboard on the bottom makes it unique). And some of the added functionality is good. But I was hoping for something with a bit more sizzle.
They should have included Ableton’s new open source application Link. Link can enable any two or more applications to play seamlessly in time. You don’t even have to own Ableton for this to work. Any programs that have Link connect wirelessly. A slew of iOS apps have adopted it, as well as Propellerheads Reason, Serato DJ as well as the latest update to Maschine 2.5.6 .

And here’s an idea for Steinberg; besides enabling Link how about enabling a “Record All” function  to record the sum of all the audio running on the computer? ! !
This would enable Cubasis to play in time with Cubase. Come on Steinberg, this is no threat to Cubase – Cubase sounds much better than Ableton….BUT this would be an invaluable tool for all of us Cubase users.
Adding Link would make this a must have update.

Update: While I am still aggravated by the lack of Link, I am even more bothered by the missing 32 bit bridge. That said, I am using Cubase 9 and enjoying it.

Fortunately 32 bit plugins can be opened up inside of Native Instrument’s Maschine inside Cubase. In other words; you open Maschine in Cubase then open your 32 bit plugins inside of Maschine. Maschine will even host both AU and VST plugins!

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