Logic X vs Cubase 7

As a long time (8 years) user of Logic it has been very difficult switching to Cubase. But when Logic X changed so many functions and abandoned the 32 bit plugin bridge – that was the last straw. Bought Cubase 7 (has 32 bit bridge). Coming from Logic it was so difficult to learn Cubase that I went and tried Logic X again, only to find I still hated it. While Cubase does not seem as intuitive as Logic, it appears to do so much more. The key to gaining mastery over it is to create your own key commands – especially if you are coming from Logic.
One thing I noticed immediately is; my vocals sound so much better in Cubase. I would continue to use Cubase if only for that.
Celemony Melodyne has nothing to fear concerning both programs built in vari-pitch/flex pitch.
What has now completely sold me on Cubase 7 is the Arranger Track. OMG ! So fast & easy to use and works so well. House music would have been so much better if everyone had been using Cubase. This is a must have feature for writers of real songs.
I still feel like learning Cubase 7 is like wrestling a bear – but the effort is well worth it.

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