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Slate Raven MTi 2 Not Optimized For Ableton

I am very disappointed in this poor touchscreen. Slate has not done anything special to accommodate Ableton with their touchscreen software. A 27” screen is just too small; your finger more than covers the various arrows yet fails to open them. I found myself repeatedly jabbing at the screen.

Took a while but finally got hold of Slate support and Matt (everyone in support is named Matt…!?) was great. So I would rate both Slate & Sweetwater support 5 stars. Which still leaves us with the undeniable fact that the MTi2 touchscreen is optimized for Slate’s Batch Commander not Ableton. Until Ableton makes their program touchscreen friendly this is not going to work the way you imagine. The little plugin arrows and wrenches need to have a Batch Command assigned to them, otherwise you may find yourself repeatedly jabbing at them. Even Slate has admitted in their quick start video that the little red ball in the open windows is too small to close with a fingertip, so they made a Batch Command for that.

I do like the Batch Commander; though it does not pair with my iPad as promised.  The batch commands that come with the Remote Batch Commander work but new user commands created on my Mac don’t show up on the Remote as promised.  Though far from perfect;  I do recommend buying this software without the touchscreen for $100.

This was the most difficult installations I have ever encountered; without help from support, I would never have been able to install it by myself.

I am not going to send it back but if you’re looking for true touchscreen useability, this is not it.  I am told it will be when Ableton optimize their software for touch screens but at that point, any touchscreen will work.

Is Native Instruments Maschine A Threat To Underground House?

Actually, it’s a threat to virtually any electronic genre. Native Instruments Maschine in all it’s various iterations – Mikro, Mk 2, and Studio (all use the same software) is TOO GOOD! . Why do I say that? Because a novice producer can tweak one of the preset tracks that come included with the software and come up with something he can call his own, and no one will be able to tell. And it will sound better than many tracks done by those who have been making tracks for years, especially if we are talking about a genre such as tech house.
“What’s that?” you say? You don’t believe me? You’ve been making music for years? Before you dismiss this article, do yourself a favor and check it out.
There’s already too much music out there and now there will be a lot more. As far as any genre of EDM is concerned, all of us need to think long and hard as to how we can distinguish ourselves in an already overcrowded market. Sounding good is not enough; instant great sound can now be purchased for as little as $300.
At the moment, I do not own this. I want it, but find it hard to justify the purchase of something that churns out better sounding tracks than I have ever made. You may not be able to follow my logic, but Maschine makes me both excited and depressed.
(Note to self: write better songs, forget about making “tracks.”)

Update January 25, 2016  I now own Maschine . I love it, though not loving Native Instruments support (the worst). Highly recommended essential piece of gear.

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Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Groove Production Studio, Black