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WaveDNA Liquid Music For Ableton Update

Reading a review and then watching how fabulous WaveDNA’s new program Liquid Music for Ableton, can be; one would be tempted to run right out and buy it at the discounted price of $129 – but don’t. Download the demo first.
On the demo you will find that same short video showing how you can draw in notes perfectly in key. What you won’t find, not even in the manual is how to open the piano roll editor or how to get your midi into Liquid Music or anything vaguely helpful .
I’ve written to support at Wave DNA and not received an answer. Hopefully one day this will be a very vital program, but as of now, it is not. I want what this purports to do so badly that even though it cost me nothing but time wasted trying to get it to work, that I’ve written this negative review.

WaveDNA did finally contact me after the sale price time ran out. They helped me to get it sort of running. By that I mean, I could never get it to do what they show in their video. I would like to hear from others as to their  experience with this software. I want to be fair. Email me at Thanks.

Will the real Ian North please stand up…..

I just googled “ian north art” and found an Ian North born in 1943 who is a painter. I am not him. Nor am I the Canadian folk singer Ian North, though my face is on his tracks on Spotify – which probably aggravates him as much as it does me.  As for the Facebook Ian North, thats just some kid – me, I’m on Facebook as Ian A. Darkjet.  I do however seem to be the most famous of the Ians on the internet. I’m not even that social media savvy but it appears the others are less so. Oddly if you check Wikipedia from a mobile app you get my wiki page but the folk singers picture…! I don’t know who posts these things. Not me . There’s definitely too many Ian Norths.

Here’s a recent pic of me with an updated Flock of Seagulls haircut and color.20150930_125521