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A Boys Guide to Hunting Cougars & Milfs

I recently read that the fastest growing segment of the porn market is those sites that cater to the “cougar” or  “milf” myth. I say myth not because cougars and milf don’t exist – they do – but the websites mislead young men into thinking that all they need bring to the table is their youth.

There are great advantages to cougars and milfs: they’re not time wasters, they’re more sexually knowledgeable than young girls, and they’re usually just more interesting people – they’ve lived…done stuff.

But you have to follow THE RULES:



Rule # 2 You DO NOT MENTION AGE, I can’t stress this enough.  These women know that they’re older and you’re younger.  If you say “I like older women”, you’ve just blown it.   These women want to  imagine themselves younger;  the subject needs to never be brought up. Even if they ask you your age DON’T ask them theirs.

Rule #3: If you follow  rule 3, you will do better with women of any age. Even when women are out looking to get laid they still want a little romance. Too many guys think they do not have to romance them at all. Wrong. Unlike men who often do just want sex, women are looking for a romantic experience. ALWAYS. Even if they themselves know they will never see you again, they still want a romantic experience. This means you have to woo these women just as you would any young girl – the difference being this is a much more sure thing. Flattery will get you everywhere. Be clever about this. Don’t tell her she’s got great tits etc. Actually if you were the kind of guy dumb enough to say something like that you probably can’t read and aren’t likely to see this.  Tell her she’s got a good sense of humor or that she seems quite bright or has terrific taste in clothes, etc.

Rule #4    Don’t make her feel that it’s taken it for granted that she’s going to sleep with you. No girl or woman likes to be taken for granted. That too, can be a deal killer. This also means you still have to make the first move.  “Damn it” you’re saying. I know those websites told you she was going to practically rape you, but it’s not so.  However, these women are more inclined to give you very definite signals. If she frequently touches you, leans into you, if she’s whispering into your ear and her lips are brushing your ear – kiss her.  I can’t tell you how often one of these women walk away from guys who are too cowardly to act. They still want you to make the first move. They still want you to be a MAN. So do it – put the moves on her, kiss her, pet her. If she allows this then after she’s warmed up she will most probably suggest more herself. Or if necessary, if a suitable amount time has passed you can suggest “why don’t we take this somewhere more private.”

Rule #5  DON’T POISON THE WELL. This rule deserves a blog unto itself. This means if any girl allows you to sleep with her on the first night, never ever treat her disrespectfully. Be good to her afterwards. Thank her for a “memorable night”  or a “great night”.  Don’t make her feel bad about herself because she’s had sex with you. If you do that, she may never allow a one night stand with anyone ever again, and even worse she’ll tell her girlfriends and they will be less inclined to one nighters.  Don’t be “that asshole”. Remain gracious, and always be a gentleman. In our society it’s still very brave for a single woman to go out and pick up a guy. These women are not to be disrespected, on the contrary I like to think of them as free, brave, and sexually empowered. And if you can make her feel that, if you make her feel good about her experience, then you are a friend to all mankind.