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Recording Equipment for “World Gone Deaf”

At the heart of my studio is my ancient (almost four years old) Mac G5. Logic 8 handles all the audio and midi.
I listen on Event SP8 s. My headphones are Sennheiser HD202 – very good and very cheap.
My interface is a Mindprint T.R.I.O. This is far superior to the Apogee Duet or any other interface I have tried.*
I do run my microphone through a Studio Projects VTB1. Financial constraints prevented me from purchasing a more professional pre, but I have not been dissatisfied with this unit. This is a quiet preamp which I purchased to boost the output of a Shure SM7B .
The Sm7B was what I used to record the vocals on the album. The Shure is one of the best vocal microphones I have ever owned. I prefer it to the Neumann U87 and AKG 414 (which I have owned). It is a particularly good project studio mic because it does not pick up room noise.
My guitars are: 1. Les Paul Studio 2. Ibanez Gio Bass (a “good enough” though nowhere what I would call a “pro” instrument. 3. My new Composite Acoustics Cargo guitar. I just got this carbon graphite acoustic guitar. Though the tone is not as rich as a guitar made of wood – I’m in love. It is an easy guitar to play – excellent action, and it stays in tune. Unfortunately, the pickup under the bridge tends to amplify pic noise but all the acoustic electrics suffer from this problem. The company that makes this instrument went out of business the day I purchased it. Coincidence…?
*the equipment mentioned here is the equipment I owned at the time of recording “World Gone Deaf” however; I have since upgraded my analog to digital converter to a Mytek Stereo96 and my mic preamp to the Grace 101. Also got a new Mac Intel and Logic 9.