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How This Works: An Experiment In Commerce

All the music posted at this site is free. I spent three years working on the album “World Gone Deaf/EZ Listening For Suicides.”  You the listener can help fund the music simply by making your purchases by clicking on any highlighted link here.  Even if what you’re buying on Amazon has nothing to do with my site – if you access Amazon through my site, you will be helping me. This costs you nothing.

If you have any questions about recording equipment or techniques, feel free to email me. I like to help others in as others have been generous in their assistance to me.

Blue Collar Blue Scrubs by Michael J. Collins

The unique story of how a working class kid rises from being  a “rockthrower” (as the author refers to himself)  to a surgeon. The author’s insightful description of life as a manual laborer is just as interesting as that as his life as a medical student.  Dr. Collins also raises some thought provoking issues regarding quality of life as regards the extension of life for terminal patients.

William Nolen’s classic “The Making of a Surgeon” (a very fine book) seems trivial by comparison. “Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs” is such  an extremely well written and moving memoir one is left with the feeling that Dr. Collins must be a very fine surgeon as well. Highly recommended.